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Lyme Disease and Me

In late May, 2011, just after beginning a new project teaching in NYC public schools, I took a one-day jaunt with my husband outside the city, got bitten by a deer tick, and contracted Lyme Disease.  Bam!  Everything seemed to change overnight.  Getting well and healing for the long-term has been my focus all summer.  
Lyme Disease is a serious and poorly understood infectious disease that is now found in almost every U.S. state -- not just on the East Coast.  It is caused by a bite from an infected tick, which can also cause other, lesser known but also problematic co-infections.  Frequently undiagnosed, untreated or under-treated, Lyme Disease can result in long-term, often debilitating health problems, including chronic pain & disability, fatigue, or neurological symptoms.   
In my case, I was fortunate to find the tick (3 days after my trip!) embedded in my side.  When I soon developed flu-like symptoms and dangerously high fever, I knew the cause and was able to begin treatment right away.  There is much disagreement about the appropriate treatment for Lyme Disease, so I have had to dig deep to find the best resources for my complete healing, which is an ongoing process.
After feeling pretty triumphant about my success with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Leaky Gut Syndrome, facing yet another potentially debilitating chronic illness has been both frightening and humbling.  I've had to slow down and rest a lot, and to face some hard truths about my tendency to spread myself too thin, worry too much, and judge myself harshly.   Lyme Disease has made me take a step back and look at what I'm doing, where I'm headed, and what's important to me.  I can't say it's been super fun -- but it has been positive in this way.  
Getting back in the saddle.
Here's the good news:  because of all that I've already figured out about healthy diet and nutrition protocols, my blood tests have shown that my immune system is in great shape to fight Lyme Disease.  I am continuing to align myself with medical and complementary care that makes sense to me, and is effective.  I'm getting stronger every day, living and working at a more balanced pace.  
One thing I'm really good at is never giving up.  I guess that's my own, personal  "free square."   This is what I want to share with you.  I truly believe that authentic healing is possible, and I strive to offer this perspective with clarity via health coaching, integrative bodywork, and teaching.  

Lyme Disease: Biting Back Teleseminar
In this one-hour recorded teleclass, you'll learn:
  • How to find out if you have Lyme Disease
  • Important first steps to take if you have Lyme Disease -- what your doctor may not tell you
  • How to support & strengthen your immune system through food & nutrition, bodywork & natural modalities 
  • Medical, complementary and alternative treatments to promote long-term remission and healing
  • How to find a Lyme literate health professional

Price: $17 includes downloadable resource guide